Two scenes. Four edits. One dense collection of photos.


Elixir of Love

Love: - a feeling of strong or constant affection - affection based on admiration or benevolence - a reassurance of affection Love has no boundaries. It knows no race or creed. We are the ones to restrict it. We condition it. We limit it. There's no secret to love.  There's no elixir for love. For love … Continue reading Elixir of Love

Morning Light to Night | Green’s the Theme!

Morning Light to Night - Green's the Theme!   It is easy being green, at least that's what they said So I accepted the challenge and leapt out of bed. Getting dressed in flash, we threw on our socks, We love to have fun, so we wore polka dots! With green as the theme, we … Continue reading Morning Light to Night | Green’s the Theme!