The Heart and Mind


He walked in the room
And she looked up
They gazed into each other’s eyes
Her heart skipped a beat
But before she could speak
It seemed like she changed her mind

And then it set in
The turmoil and wind
A battle soon took place
For her heart said “Go!”
But her mind yelled “No!”
Distraught written on her face

You’ve been broken before
I can’t take any more
Said her mind speaking of her heart
But I know that it’s him
This is not on a whim
Let’s give it all we’ve got!img_0646

Did you forget the past?
How nothing would last?
How devastated it made you feel?
Each time the heart breaks
You say it was your mistake
And take twice as long to heal

So up goes the wall
So high and so tall
I’ve readied all our defenses
I can’t let him see
How precious it’ll be
To touch all of our senses

You’ve got to let go
Pain doesn’t live here any more
I’m ready for a fresh start
I’m strong enough now
I won’t easily bow down
Or get torn apartimg_0645

But in order to see
You have to depend on me
Free me from this fortress
Together we’ll be
In harmony
Living in symbiosis


What are your thoughts?

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