Morning Light to Night | Green’s the Theme!

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Morning Light to Night – Green‘s the Theme!


It is easy being green, at least that’s what they said
So I accepted the challenge and leapt out of bed.

Getting dressed in flash, we threw on our socks,
We love to have fun, so we wore polka dots!

With green as the theme, we followed it through
One plain green tee and a pretty necklace too.

Rushing off to work, we decided to see
Which fun holiday today would bring
So we posted it on our Hoops & Yo Yo board,
to share the good news with the rest of the world.

A rumble, a grumble, we knew it was time
to satisfy our hunger – what a fine time to dine!
We filled our tummy and obeyed our thirst,
paid for the meal then went back to work.

After a hard day of work, we headed out the door
and on the drive home we decided to explore.
The world that surrounds us, is such a pretty scene.
So beautiful and bright, so lush, so green.




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