We argued all the time. Nothing I said would get through to him. No matter how he explained it, I still didn’t understand.


He sat there on the couch with a puzzled look on his face. I stared at him, desperately searching for a sign that this could work. Any sign would do.

It was at that moment when I felt it. The first symptom – a symptom of divorce. I did my best to ward it off and keep it at bay. But it sailed in at full speed, crashing down on me, one wave at a time.

My heart grew heavy.
My limbs felt stiff.
I was frozen.

IMG_0637Sadness washed over me like a rain storm and the cold I now felt was too much to bear.

Piece by piece, I felt numb. I no longer responded to his touch. I no longer listened to the words he spoke. I no longer acknowledged his presence.

He became a complete stranger to me. The house we shared started to close in around me.

I had to escape.

I had to get out.

I had to let go.

For him and for me.



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